Your special invitation to join the Big Sister Academy

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It seems this question gets asked way too many times [especially at every family gathering]. While you may have a clue, you know it’s not as simple as ticking a few boxes in a career quiz.   

Finding a fulfilling pathway takes more than just luck — it takes considered research, planning, and seeking help from others such as mentors. 

But imagine if there was a way to push the future button so you could …

Big Sister

Your impact starts at the Big Sister Academy

Often career conversations come with their own gendered biases and negative stereotypes that young women have had to grapple with — from that relative that called you ‘bossy’ to the friend that thinks coding is for boys. 

The problem is women often place self-limiting beliefs and naively rule out many career pathways. What if you could get a birds-eye view into different jobs, career pathways and try some cool things to help you make the right decision about where you want to spend your time, building the future YOU want, and doing something you love?!

That’s why Girls of Impact is offering exclusive scholarships to help girls thrive and flourish in our ever-evolving world.

Are you a parent or carer? 

We know girls and young women understand and internalise gender norms and stereotypes very early on depending on the role models and seeing different behaviours and activities in sons vs daughters. This is why families and carers play a pivotal role in promoting gender equality and building resilience to rigid gender stereotypes. 

The Big Sister Academy exists to challenge gender norms when it comes to building careers and gender equality. Applying for the Big Sister Academy positively influences their gender role views, preferences, and expectations.

What's in it for you?

Did you know that 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as technology adoption increases? And 60% of girls tell us they find it hard to find female role models and this has an impact on important things such as self-confidence and career aspirations.  We know how role models and mentors can transform girls lives and help them get clarity about careers and what they are passionate about so they don’t waste time or money on chasing the wrong pathway that doesn’t interest them. That’s why programs like the Big Sister Academy exist while also having gender equality at the centre.

Big Sister Academy is a game-changing program designed to equip the next generation of women leaders, changemakers and STEM champions for future possibilities and careers to change the world! Throughout the Academy, you’ll build in-demand skills such as dealing with change to future proof yourself.

We know the world is better, more sustainable and compassionate when we break down gender stereotypes, and women can pursue careers they love as equal partners in society. The future of work is also changing fast, where we regularly need to evolve our skills. Your future employers will look for any work experience you’ve achieved early on — especially extra-curricular activities like taking part in the Big Sister Academy.

Everyone wants to work with go-getters who have a growth mindset like you, and you will get a graduation certificate to share with future employers, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Lifelong perks of joining the academy

Build future proof skills

Deep dive into the future of work and build context and career pathways knowledge. Understand the skills future employers are seeking — and they're not all technical skills. Due to gender equalities, women need *extra* skill-building on confidence and taming the imposter syndrome.

Ready, Set, Get Hired

Get workforce and work experience ready by gaining skills and tools to prepare you for the world of work. Thanks to our partners, students get real-life work experience.

STEM and other non-traditional careers

Discover the world of possibilities in non-traditional careers. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!

Mindset Mastery & Wellbeing

Sometimes we can be our worst enemies. Big Sister Academy will help you learn how to develop a powerful mindset, unlock your full potential, and achieve your goals.

Seeing is believing

“It’s hard to be what we cannot see. There are so many amazing women throughout history whose names you may not have heard of — and should have! The Big Sister Academy exists because we believe girls should pursue careers that they love — not what society tells them to do. This Academy is about showing girls what’s possible and helping them to get them there!”
Kate Bushell
CEO & Founder Girls of Impact.

Let's do this! Mark your diaries

Once you apply, you’ll be notified of key dates, important information and updates. In the meantime, here are some dates to pencil in.


Who is the Big Sister Academy open to?

Girls in secondary school (Grade 9 - 12) across Australia or first-year, second year university students.

What are the costs involved?

It's completely free! Thanks to the scholarships provided by our partner, Schneider Electric, 30 girls of impact can take part and start building their skills for the future. 

The only thing you'll be responsible for is getting yourself to and from the on-site days and packing your own refreshments and lunch for these days.

How can parents/carers support?

For young women to get the most out of the Scholarship and succeed in careers they love, we need the support of parents and carers.

Full program details will be shared soon, but in the meantime, the parent/carer responsibilities include:

  • providing any information about medical conditions and/or medication relating to my child which may impact on the safety of my child or the safety of others in the workplace.
  • Organise transportation for my child to and from the on-site activities location (locally).
  • Paying for any expenses related to my child's participation in the Academy such as travel to and from onsite activities, lunch, refreshments.
  • Contacting the Girls of Impact program coordinator (contact detail tbc) if my child is unable to attend any of the sessions or will be running late.
Tell me more about Schneider Electric

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Schneider Electric, who also believe in a world where there are no limits to the potential of young women.

Schneider Electric SE is a multinational global company providing energy and digital automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability. 

As a future employer of the next generation of women, Schneider Electric plays a vital role in creating opportunities to empower women to be equal creators in building a progressive, sustainable future for all.  Where gender equality is the norm.   Hence why they want to provide these scholarships for young women to be able to fulfil their potential - its as simple as that!

You never know, you might also be able to secure a future internship or apprenticeship with Schneider Electric as a result of taking part in this Academy. You can find more information about their commitment to empowering women here.

Is this program online or face-to-face?

All monthly group sessions and activities are online, except 4 onsite activities throughout the year during school holidays (April 2 days, July 5 days, October 2 days, December 2 days). Full dates to be sent upon registering your interest through an application.  You can then ensure the dates work for you before committing to the program.

To benefit the most from this program, all sessions are mandatory. If you come across an emergency, please let your program manager know as soon as practical.

The onsite activities will be at there nearest Schneider Electric office. There are offices across Australia in all states. You will need to organise your own transport to get to the Schneider Electric office.

Please also bring refreshments and your own lunch.

How many spots are available?

For the 2022 cohort, only 30 spots are available nationally. Get in quick! Apply now.

How many hours do I need to dedicate?

There are eleven all-day sessions (onsite) throughout the year during school holidays, plus 2 hours (virtually) per month for six months in your one-on-one mentoring and learning sessions (March, May, June, August, September and November). The all-day sessions are run during the school holidays at a local workplace, and your virtual sessions will be during the week after school. You will need to be able to get to the onsite activities at your local Schneider office.  This will be discussed with you as part of our "onboarding" experience.

What tools do I need to participate?

We recommend using a computer or laptop for these sessions with access to zoom. The activities we'll be doing are all web-based. You can still participate using an iPad or tablet, but please keep in mind that the sessions are better experienced on a computer. 

Regardless of what hardware you're using, you will need an internet connection to participate.

What about working with children checks?

You're in safe hands. All mentors are background checked and have Working with Child Checks (WWCC).  Full training and onboarding are provided to all mentors and mentees.  Parents will also be included as part of the onboarding experience into the Academy.   Onsite Health & Safety demonstrations will be applicable for the students whilst onsite at offices.  

We offer a safe place to learn, we have a zero-tolerance harassment policy and a complete code of conduct policy.  Further information provided as part of onboarding into the Academy

Is there a COVID safe plan?

Yes, numbers are strictly limited to allow for social distancing on-site and company protocols followed to keep all students safe.

All contact details are collected should students need to be contacted and on-site activities moved virtually.

Want to mentor the next generation of leaders?

Girls of Impact is always on the lookout for industry experts. If you want to give back by sharing your skills, experience and knowledge with our next generation of leaders, express your interest to be a mentor.  

Please fill out the form here and our team will be in touch to confirm your interests and preference for Girls of Impact program involvement in 2022.

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