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How curiosity led Madeline to Canva 

Madeline Long is an intern at Canva. She has long dark hair, is wearing glasses and a denim jacket

Madeline had less than a linear path toward an internship with Canva. She forged a successful career in Management Consulting after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. But in the back of her mind, she had always had her heart set on Computer Science and coming up with solutions to change the world.

After dreaming of a career in Software Engineering, she decided to study for a Master’s in Computer Science while working a demanding full-time job. It was a lot of late nights and hard work — but so worth it.

“I’ve always been curious about the tech industry. I’m excited about tech products such as Canva and how they can positively impact the world. Technology is crucial to solutions that scale and often allows us to make opportunities more accessible to all.”

When the world has your back

It took Madeleine several nudges before applying for Canva after Madeline’s friends came across an internship at Canva.

“With a lot of encouragement from my peers, I applied for the Canva internship role in 2021. There were several rounds of interviews, and then finally, I was successful for the 2021-22 Canva internship program!” 

Sometimes there are mindset barriers that hold young women from applying for the opportunity of a lifetime — in this case; it’s one of the coolest companies in the world.

“I was thrilled to receive a return offer and now work as a full-time back-end software engineer at Canva.”

Canva has a strong focus on developing and amplifying women in technology. It recognises systemic barriers women may face when applying for roles, especially in non-traditional fields such as technology. 

To attract more women into tech, Madeleine believes that creating a supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole selves to work is needed — and Canva definitely delivers.

“[When I started], I was surprised by how supportive everyone is of each other, and I frequently feel that my peers go above and beyond to support my growth and development. There is a culture of growth, and everyone understands that we’re all learning.”

A delight to show up every day 

Madeline says the best thing about Canva is the people; the company goes out of its way to create a positive candidate experience.

“Yes, it’s a cliche, but even before formally starting, I was struck by how friendly and helpful everyone was. For instance, even during the recruitment process, I felt like my recruiter, Van, was very invested in my development, and she gave me lots of feedback. I love working alongside my teammates, and it’s a delight turning up to work.”

Making a difference in communities 

Working at Canva has shown how something as simple as a poster can bring together so much community and belonging.

“I have an elderly family friend who uses Canva to make posters for her seniors’ sports club, and it’s awesome that she feels empowered to design for her community with the help of Canva.”

“As a software engineer, I think working on solutions that help people worldwide is empowering. It’s always nice to have friends or family tell me they love using Canva and know that my work contributes to that”.

If you’re curious about the day-to-day job as a software engineer, Madeline sums it up for us. 

“I work as a back-end software engineer on the Renderer team, where we make user design downloads faster and more cost-efficient. At the start of a season, I work with my coach to set goals for the next few months. I then spend time coming up with solutions and workshopping these with my teammates. Sometimes we have to make trade-offs with specific design choices because it takes longer to load.”

There is a lot of creativity in Madeline’s role and a supportive team to guide you along the way. We cannot wait to see what she works on next. 

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