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How extracurricular activities can help your career

Extracurricular activities enhance your career. Add them to your CV.

Extracurricular activities are a great way to learn essential life skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving. If you’re just new to the workforce and haven’t had much work experience, adding these extracurricular activities gives recruiters and future employers an insight into your personality and shows that you have a range of fantastic skills on offer. When you haven’t had much work experience, adding extracurricular activities will undoubtedly give you an advantage. There are four extracurricular activities you should add to your CV:

Music and dramatic arts

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to perform in front of people. And it’s this sort of quality many employers are seeking. Think of roles such as sales and customer service where there is a great deal of people interaction. 

There’s just so much to do in music and drama. From trying out a new musical instrument, taking K-pop dancing lessons or giving screenwriting a shot, there is bound to be an activity that suits your personality.  

Team sports

Playing sport helps you develop highly sought after skills such as teamwork and leadership. Whether you’re a member of the school netball team, the local tennis club or you’re coaching your local soccer club, add this to your CV. 

It’s important to show how the sport is relevant to the job you’re applying for — otherwise, it might look a bit random. An example of how to link back would be how your competitive nature would help you succeed and thrive in a sales role. 

If you don’t play any sports, it’s worthwhile exploring and getting started! After all, it is so much fun. You’ll meet new people and it’s great for your health too. Just about every school and university has its own sports team — all you have to do is simply sign-up!

Do you speak another language?

Do you currently speak another language at home? Perhaps you’re taking school electives in French, Italian or Japanese. 

Learning another language opens the doors up to many jobs such as teaching, tourism and translating services. Adding a language — even if you’re a beginner, will strengthen your CV. There is a lot of dedication that goes into learning a language, which will certainly be impressive to recruiters. 

Many organisations are operating globally, so understanding the language in culture in another country will give you a head start. If you’re currently not learning a language at school, then consider having a look in your local area for classes. There are also many language apps such as Babbel where you can learn a language on your way to school or wherever you go!

Add any volunteering work

SEEK research found that 95% of employers agree that volunteering is a great way to gain real and meaningful work experience to add to your resume. If the volunteer work is relevant to the role or industry you’re looking to work in, 85% of recruiters believe it’s just as credible as paid work.

Aside from showing how you positively contribute to society, you also gain so many excellent skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication.

There are many different ways to volunteer. The best way is to research charities and causes that you’re most passionate about. That way, it will be much more enjoyable if it’s close to your heart. See what opportunities are available on their website and get in touch directly to offer your help. 

As a social enterprise, Girls of Impact is very big on giving back (see our Social Impact). If you’re interested in volunteering at Girls of Impact, we’d love to hear from you. From workshops to running events — there is so much impact you can do here. Get in touch with our team today and express your interest.