Cool careers

Why pursue an ordinary job when the world is full of unique and interesting careers. You only live once, why settle for something that makes you dread Mondays. You deserve better and the chance to follow an unconventional path or doing something you love. In this blog, we’ve curated five cool careers that may not be on the average person’s radar. Would you consider any of these? 

Food technologist

If you’re a foodie and a tech enthusiast, consider a career as a food technologist. They look into what we eat and research ways to make it taste better and last longer. They’re also responsible for making sure the food passes hygiene requirements and maintains their nutritional content. 

At Ben and Jerry’s, food technologists are called flavour gurus. They are the artists behind all the mouthwatering ice cream flavours we love. 

To get into this line of work, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in an area such as food science or chemistry.

Forensic accountant

Do you have a head for numbers? Love crime fiction and shows like CSI? Then you would be an awesome forensic accountant! 

They are no *ordinary* accountants — they help solve puzzles and crimes by tracing the money and documents criminals leave behind. It’s like a mystery novel — but in numbers. If unpacking all of this excites you, then to get started as a forensic accountant, you will need a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

Ethical hacker 

Ethical hacker sounds a little bit like an oxymoron but truth is, there are professional hackers out there — yes, ones that get paid to hack into systems!

They’re technically referred to as Information Security Analysts. Their job is to hack into security systems to see how secure it is. They’ll then look at security measures to minimise any security risks. 

If you have a natural knack for computers and solving problems, then this could be the perfect career for you. To get into this field, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Information Technology.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice in which fine, sterile needles are inserted into a person’s body in specific areas. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the two opposing energy forces of yin and yang keep us in balance. However, when this energy is blocked, this imbalance leads to illness and pain. So acupuncture is a therapy used to release these energy blocks to restore balance. 

Acupuncturists treat a variety of medical conditions. Similar to other medical professionals, an acupuncturist consults with patients on their symptoms, diagnose the issue and then treat it using acupuncture.

If alternative and natural therapies appeal to you, become an acupuncturist. You need a bachelor’s degree in health science majoring in either Chinese medicine or acupuncture.


From the words on the back of the shampoo, a jingle on the radio for shoes to the words on a skincare website — if you have a way with words and wooing people to buy something, then consider a career as a copywriter.

Copywriters work in many different industries; usually on a freelance basis and service small to medium businesses. Larger companies may have an in-house copywriter or hire one from an agency. Although an undergraduate degree in journalism or communication is preferred, it’s not always required.

Thinking about your future career?

There are new career opportunities popping up every day as the world changes. If you’re thinking about a career change, in need of some direction, inspiration or just want someone just to sense check something, get in touch with us for career clarity.