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Have you set your career intentions for 2022? Take inspiration from these incredible women

Do something great. Career Goal setting.

A new year provides an opportunity for career development goals. What are you hoping to learn and achieve this year? Who will you have in your support corner to guide you towards success? 

We asked the incredible women at HESTA to share their career tips and professional development goals. Wherever you are in your journey, whether you’re at school, university or already embarking on your career journey you’re sure to find these tips very insightful!

Goals are more manageable when broken down into bite-sized pieces 

The top athletes and business people in our world have one thing in common — they set goals because it keeps them motivated, accountable and focused. And when it comes to your future career, it’s much the same.

But what if the goal is so big that it scares you? Gwyneth, Employee Experience & Systems Manager, recommends breaking our ambitious goals into achievable building blocks. Phew, that doesn’t sound too frightening after all!

Seek experiences whenever you can

Margie, Campaign Manager, is a big believer in gaining as much work experience in various roles. She says, “Seek experiences over material reward. Volunteer and accept the job that will stretch you more than the one that pays more. Building a career takes time, be patient and use your time to gain work experience — rather than focus on money.”

We couldn’t agree more, and it’s the main reason why Girls of Impact exists, giving girls and young women the opportunity to explore careers and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

No one grows in their comfort zone

The pandemic has accelerated change in our world and change is inevitable as organisations adapt and technology advancements continue to progress. Recognising this and always striving to help others, Remeeka, Brand Experience Manager, is looking to embark on a designing for change course to help others adapt better to change. 

But the one thing she doesn’t want anyone to change is who they are, “Stay true to yourself even if others want you to change.”  As a young person starting out in your career, it’s easy to lose sight of your unique values and qualities as you try to “fit in” to new teams and work environments.  Always remember the special attributes you bring to your future employer and don’t forget they hired you as you are special and will make a difference to their business.

Nikki, Member Care Manager, shares brilliant advice on how small changes can be super impactful. She says, “At the end of each workday, I ask myself these three questions — what did I achieve today, what did I learn today, and how did I help my team today? These questions may help you to track progress towards big goals, stay motivated and remember progress is most often small incremental steps.”  We love these questions and they can be used in your daily life too, not just for work.

Don’t wait for it. Go for it!

Resh, who works as the Talent Acquisition Partner, says, “Don’t wait for someone to give you something. If you want it, then go for it.” We couldn’t agree more. Changemakers are always go-getters and we applaud and empower our girls of impact to be the next changemakers. 

Tanya, Digital Delivery Manager, says, “You know more than you think you do – keep bringing your ideas forward and listening to the ideas of others – the answer will be there if you look for it. Also, never be afraid to ask for help or give help to others. That is how you build a network you can lean on when you need it!”

Carolyn, General Manager, agrees and adds, “Don’t forget to back yourself! If you think you are only 60% ready, it is more likely you are more than 80% ready.”  As women, we are constantly grappling with imposter syndrome.  Imposter syndrome is a pattern of thinking that can lead to self-doubt so don’t let this cycle turn into negativity.  Recognise it and develop tools to get past it so it doesn’t stop you from getting in your own way. Some of our tips at Girls of Impact is to take note of your accomplishments and successes and stop comparing yourself to others. 

When you learn something, you are growing.

Lizzy, General Manager, sees learning opportunities — especially during challenging times.

“When things are hard, always ask yourself ‘what am I learning from this’ – if you are growing, you are still moving forward and sometimes ‘hard’ feels a lot like ‘stuck’ (but is a break-through in the making).”

Which advice stood out the most to you? 

As you step into 2022 and return to studies or start your first role, we would love to hear what your goals and aspirations are for this year. 

“Goals are dreams brought to life.” – Amy Leigh Mercree