HESTA is the super fund dedicated to people in health and community services. More than 880,000 Australians trust HESTA with their money, and around 80% of their members are women.

HESTA is committed to creating better futures for its members and all Australians. They do this by investing in innovations that make a positive impact on its members. HESTA has a history of delivering strong returns for its members. It was one of the first funds to receive SuperRatings’ 15-year platinum performance rating*.

What makes HESTA a great place to work for women?

They’re an industry super fund dedicated to the people who keep our communities going — that is, people who provide the best health, education and community services. That’s what makes them so rewarding to work for.

The people at HESTA truly believe in making a real difference to members’ futures which makes it a great place to learn and grow your career. 

What’s more, they’re known for being an employer of choice! 


Working and making a difference at HESTA

Hear from some HESTA employees on how rewarding it is to make a difference in our communities. 

What makes HESTA a Company of Impact?

Hear personal stories from HESTA employees on why it is a Company of Impact.

Sheena Peeters, General Manager of Technology shares her top 3 career tips.

  1. Try something different: “You will be surprised at what you learn when you try new things. One of my girls completed work experience at Lend Lease. It wasn’t as popular as some of the other choices. Initially, she was unsure if it would be that exciting. But she ended up being blown away by the experience. It was well-structured, and the leaders at Lend Lease were actively involved providing her with a new perspective.”
  2. Gain as much life experience outside of school: “Children are reliant on their parents for guidance on this. We live in Melbourne, and there are a lot of different activities and places to visit. Think of these as learning opportunities.”
  3. Put your hand up more often: “Girls tend to be more self-conscious and think about how they are perceived which stops them from putting their hand up. There is safety in numbers, and the more girls put their hands up, the more it empowers others to do the same.”
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Tara Maine is an Investment Associate. She started at HESTA as an intern. Dreams do come true!

“I started my journey at HESTA as an intern in the Investments Team, and have since transitioned into a Graduate role, and more recently, an Investment Associate role. In my role, I get to do a variety of tasks, from reviewing new investments, to asset management and research into emerging thematics. Every day really is different and exciting!

In high school, I really liked Legal Studies as a subject, and as a result, I studied a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Commerce at university. I thought I’d be a lawyer, however, the further I got into my studies, the more I realised that law wasn’t necessarily the right path for me. Eager to try new things, I applied for a few internships and was lucky enough to start an internship at HESTA. This ignited my passion for the investments industry – I loved the versatility of the role and the wide breadth of opportunities available.

My favourite thing about HESTA is definitely the team and the culture. Everyone is fully supportive of both your professional and personal development. I am constantly learning new things, and empowered to pursue opportunities, whilst at the same time having a lot of fun along the way.

More importantly, the investments that we make at HESTA not only generates positive returns for our members but are also tangible in nature and make a real difference to the world. I wake up every day proud of the work I am doing and the impact that I am having on our community.” 

We asked Kartina Waghorne, General Manager of Digital what she loves most about working at HESTA. She says,  

“HESTA has a great purpose and does advocacy work in the community. 80% of our members are women who serve the people who serve the community, that is, our nurses, childcare workers, aged care, community and disability workers.” 

Women generally live longer but retire with less money, so it’s crucial to close this gender gap in retirement savings. It’s an economic benefit for all.

“Some of them are in a lower-tier income and work part-time, so we also provide access to financial advice and education to make sure they make informed decisions and to give them the best retirement outcome.”

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HESTA values

Kickstarting your career at HESTA

Commencing over the Summer period, HESTA’s Vacation Intern Program (VIP) provides students with the chance to gain experience in a real job where they are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained at University while continuing to develop technical and business skills.

As a HESTA Vacation Intern, students will be assigned a team to work on a particular project, they will be given regular coaching and support from a manager and mentor, as well as ongoing interaction with peer interns to ensure the best experience out of the internship program. These are paid placements over three months, great experience to add to your resume. 

In addition to the VIP, HESTA, at times, will have entry-level analyst positions across the business from Tech and Digital, Investment Management through to Data and Analytics. 

For a list of current positions, please refer to HESTA’s careers page here.  

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Product ratings are only one factor to be considered when making a decision. See hesta.com.au/ratings for more information.

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