Our why and how you can be part of it

Girls of Impact is all about our community. When we reflect on the ripple effect of the work we do, it presents itself in the comments section of the Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn posts that we share;. it exists in the feedback that we receive, someone has reached out to thank us for opening their eyes to new opportunities; and it is in every interaction we have connecting students with industry role models from companies across Australia. 

With every world of work careers event, industry placement, skill-building workshop, blog post and partnership we’ve delivered, we hope that our community of fearless, game-changing girls is a little bit more inspired to pursue their dreams and a career they love. After all, this is why we exist. We are here to show young girls that they can achieve whatever it is that they want in life and more and be whatever it is they want in life!

As a collective, and as individuals, young women are unstoppable. You only have to look at the first TIME 2020 Kid of the Year — the incredible 15-year-old scientist and inventor, Gitanjali Rao to see that the next generation of young women are going to shape this world into something much, much better, a kinder and more equal world. And as an organisation, we are honoured and privileged to be able to play this role in inspiring the young female minds that will do just that. 

It is in 2021, that we look forward to bringing new transformational workshops and events across Australia so girls can have equal access to the resources and opportunities that Girls of Impact provides. After all, every young girl has the right to see what she can be and feel empowered to do so, no matter where she comes from. 

To our community, thank you for your wildly wonderful support! It’s been an amazing year of learning and growing in a complex time for us all.  We step into the excitement and opportunity of 2021 and can’t wait to meet all the incredible young women we will get the chance to work with this year.

Girls of Impact founder, Kate Bushell and daughter, Emily.