Want to be part of creating a better world and accelerating gender equality? Join our partnerships program and start building your future talent pipeline.

As a future employer of the next generation of women, you play a vital role in tearing down obstacles that keep girls from being equal creators in building the future. 

Our goal is to support and encourage more women into leadership, STEM and other significant industries to balance the representation of women across these disciplines. We know that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the key to encouraging creativity and innovation throughout Australia and we want to provide young women with a window into a range of exciting new career opportunities.  

We are a radically different solution to the current diversity problem. We  work with businesses to show young women the career pathways that they might never have considered — enabling organisations to nurture their talent pipelines early.   

Rather than continuing to face the same challenge of not being able to hire more women in key industries and roles, we work on building a strong pipeline of young women from the grassroots.  Transforming their curiosity into a career with you. 

The talent of tomorrow are studying today.  We put you in front of career advisors and students at schools and universities across Australia. Which provides a clear advantage for your future recruitment. Ensuring your seen as an employer of choice for the next generation of women. 

Interested in seeing how you can become a Company of Impact and work towards creating leaders of the future, accelerating diversity and building thriving workplaces? Get in touch with us to see how.

Partnerships - become a company of impact

Our Proud Partners

Partnerships - become a company of impact

Why this partnership matters?

Advancing the number of women in underrepresented industries means we can live in a world that can be equally enjoyed by everyone.

Diversity of experiences, perspectives and stories leads to a world that is more innovative, empathetic and equal — and the only way to guarantee future innovation is to achieve diverse representation within teams.

Partnering up with Girls of Impact makes sense, not just for your employer branding and recruitment strategies but for the future of our world.

Much more than just another partnership

Talent pipelines start early. As a company of impact and partner, you’ll have the opportunity to engage over 1.5 million female students throughout Australia through our strong industry connections and partners and stimulate your future talent pipeline by reaching the right audience and the brightest and best future female talent. 

Gender roles play a significant factor in societal views, and this impacts how girls form attitudes about careers that they might be interested in. The work we do helps shatter misconceptions, eliminate bias, and gender stereotypes. This makes a difference in seeing more women pursue pathways they wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

Through our initiatives with our partners, we are closing the gender gap and pipeline problem many companies experience through increasing applications from young women by 40% in non traditional job roles such as tech.

We work across 4 key pillars of diversity; gender, LGBTIQ, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & cultural.

Your future talent pipeline is waiting to hear from you so get in touch with us today.

Partnership Benefits – your Return on Investment

Access to future diverse talent pools to enrich your talent strategy and ensure your future pipeline has gender balance, and reflects the society and communities we live in

Increase staff engagement and workplace culture through engaging internal staff to be part of positive social impact. Get staff excited about supporting their own daughter's futures.

Be seen as an employer of choice and elevate your reputation and brand to a wider demographic who might never consider your organisation as a place to work

Save your time and money on an attraction strategy that works enabling you to hire the right talent for your organisation. We know this market, where to spend your money and how to shape your message.

Increase brand awareness and public perception as a progressive employer who cares deeply about diversity and inclusion and supporting girls and women in the workplace.  Be celebrated alongside leading organisations dedicated to gender equality

Opportunity to receive tailored in-house support and strategies to develop your early careers recruitment strategies and campaigns. Setting clear goals to measure success.

Help young women build leadership, entrepreneurship, employability, and STEM capabilities and then hire them. Our goal for 2021 is to place 100 young women into internships

Our Partnerships Programs

Be an employer of choice for gender equality

We love partnering with companies making a positive impact on the world and sharing our mission of improving diversity, equality, and unleashing the potential of young women.  if you want to elevate your employer brand and company culture, be seen as an inclusive employer committed to advancing gender equality and a better future for all then get in touch with us.

Building a talent pipeline takes time, but when you join as a partner you create a strong pipeline of young women. 

Partner with us to provide insight, inspiration, and mentoring to female students and help them get ready to flourish in the jobs of tomorrow with organisations like yours. We can only do our bit with the support of passionate organisations dedicated to driving change for good.  Bespoke collaborations and projects are something we can support with, so let’s talk — but here are some partnership ideas  to consider:

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