The Career Girl Kickstarter Workbook


Do you ever wish you could just press the BUY NOW button and your brain automatically downloads all the information you need to find your dream career easily? Imagine how good it would be to just know how to map out career goals and watch as they all come true. You wouldn’t need to spend heaps of time procrastinating about your passion, or pathways, or how to network because you would just know all of that and more.

The Career Girl Kickstarter Workbook is the closest thing that you will find to a magic career download. Think of it as your personal career map that will help you impact your career goals and get in front of the career competition.



What’s Inside…

It is crammed with exercises and tips that will help you find career direction and show you how to get ahead in your career, no matter what stage you’re at, if you have no job experience or if you have been to TAFE or Uni (it’s all the things we teach our students and charge a lot more for).

Beautifully designed, (but interesting enough to keep you motivated, because we actually want you to finish and succeed) PDF for an easy, comprehensible read that you can print out and complete, even with your parents or friends if you need help.

Is the Career Girl Kickstarter workbook for me?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all the pressure to succeed in your career?
  • Are you over applying for jobs and not seeing any results?
  • Are you still so unsure about what you actually want to do?
  • Do you make goals and never follow through?
  • Do you even know how to get started?

Then this is the ultimate career tool for you

It will get you results, but, it’s not for everyone. It’s for those who are serious about playing big, dreaming bigger, and having enough drive and determination to make their career goals a reality.

If this is you, then welcome

Welcome to the time where you get serious about being you, locking in some major career goals, being powerful in your approach, and meeting like-minded people that can help you get there, people just like us.