Why schools should invest in girls

Schools, colleges and universities play a vital role in tearing down obstacles that keep girls from achieving their full potential and to start shaping their futures. Investing in girls and giving them opportunities is not just the right thing to do — it’s smart!

Empowering girls to create thriving and diverse workforces of the future, it creates leaders of tomorrow. This has a beautiful flow-on effect to boosting incomes, building productivity and strengthening economies.

What the stats say and why this matters
School of Impact
Schools of Impact

Our Expertise

Careers is our jam! Our Girls of Impact facilitators are passionate about inspiring students to expand their knowledge, explore possible career pathways and to connect with industry role models to set themselves up for success in the real-world.

By connecting students with the knowledge and networks, Girls of Impact give today’s students windows to the learning and tools they need to thrive in tomorrow’s world. We also connect students with industry through mentoring, work experience, internships and immersive onsite company days and events.  

You will also get access to our Companies of Impact Career Advisor Guide to share with students and parents.  This profiles companies making a positive difference on the world, who value diversity and inclusion and are looking to hire future talent. 

All programs are customised based on learning outcomes as we focus on building skills in a fun and engaging way. 

We get it, career counsellors need support in delivering career outcomes to students.  We are here to help, to support and guide your students into the outcomes they need.  We have up to date industry knowledge and career pathways to provide real world context and the companies who want to hire them so its a win win. 

Curriculum Alignment

Our workshops and programs align nicely with the school curriculum, complementing the following curriculum areas and capabilities:

Schools of Impact
Personal Development

Schools of Impact
Designed Solutions

Schools of Impact
Personal & Social Capability

Schools of impact
Critical & Creative Thinking

Schools of Impact
Enterprising & Enquiry Skills

Educational Workshops & Talks

To complement the education system, our workshops, talks, and incursions can be co-designed or custom-tailored to best suit your students, cohort and needs.

Workshops and talks can be delivered during the week, monthly or annually to extend and develop students over time and build on learnings. Below are just some suggestions on how we can work together:

Mindset Mastery & Wellbeing

Learn how to develop a powerful mindset, unlock your full potential, and achieve your goals.

21st Century Skills & Future of Work

Deep dive into the future of work and build context and career pathways knowledge. Understand the capabilities future employers are seeking.

Ready, Set, Get Hired

Get workforce and work experience ready by gaining skills and tools to prepare you for the world of work.

Design Thinking

Use practical human-centred design to create innovative solutions to real-world problems or work with our partner companies to solve their real-world problems.

Entrepreneurship & Creativity

Take ideas to the enterprise using growth mindsets, entrepreneurial thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Financial Wellbeing

Learn how to get motivated and excited about having a happy, healthy financial future. Get money savvy and become financially fearless.

Lead Like a Girl

Learn to lead self and others, discover unique values, and cultivate core leadership capabilities such as ethics, personal brand, empathy, and compassion.

Girls in STEAM and other non-traditional industries

Discover the world of possibilities. Uncover global career role models, and upskill for your future career.

Our Proud Partners

Here's what others have to say

"As a teacher, I wholeheartedly support and encourage the work that Girls of Impact are doing. They are making a real positive difference in the lives of so many young women. I know how needed these programs are to support young women in being inspired into non-traditional career paths in STEM & Entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, as teachers, we aren't tasked with extensive career coaching for our pupils. The uptake of STEM subjects is still biased towards boys. There is no consistency between schools of extra activities for girls to support them into considering STEM pathways. I know the workshops run are welcomed by schools as they fit our professional development and wellbeing efforts. This is a great advantage for busy schools who can engage Girls of Impact to support in educating girls further on the career pathways available and inspire them to broaden their thinking on career options.

I will undoubtedly be engaging Girls of Impact to run workshops at my school and advising my colleagues, peers, and networks in other schools and regions to do the same."
Neha Reddy
House Dean, James College
"As a mum of two daughters, I think it's so important for girls to see women in leadership and women in power owning what they do, and creating the new world that girls will see in the future. Well done, Girls of Impact, for shining a light on this area and inspiring so many young women. I wish that I had access to these resources when I was younger."
Marina Perry
CEO, School of Growth
"Girls of Impact is solving a critical and systematic problem in the current educational arena around careers. Career pathway ideologies, education, and processes are broken. The traditional pathways which we know are archaic, with society still depicting gender bias roles. Times have changed, and as educators, we need to better prepare girls for the future of work with suitable modern pathways. Girls of Impact create bespoke career pathways to ignite girls' interests in emerging careers that will power the future of work, that are dynamic and exciting. Above all else, see girls pursuing careers in different areas. "
Monica Bradley
QUT Board Member, Non Executive Director and Managing Director for Purposeful Capital


Who works with your students?

Our Girls of Impact team of facilitators are experienced in working with students and also in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Our work ranges from the design and delivery of innovative educational events and workshops for students to coaching young professionals to achieve their dream job.

All workshops, events and excursions operate in accordance with an approved COVID Safe Plan. 

If you would like to see further information on any of this please reach out. 
What about Working With Children Checks (WWWC)?
At Girls of Impact, children and young people’s safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of our work across national educational program design and delivery, because we know that children and young people learn and thrive when they ​feel ​safe and ​are ​safe. 
All of our educational programs, activations, events and workshops comply with the ​National Principles for Child Safe Organisations​, the ​Child Wellbeing and Safety Act ​(2005) and all our facilitation team members have valid​ Working With Children Checks​ (WWWC Queensland).
We also undertake all due diligence in ensuring our risk management processes for young people and placements at partner organisation and host companies comply with the ​Child Wellbeing & Safety Act​ (2005), and ​The Child Safe Standards​.  Girls of Impact has a full risk management process which we follow for all events, excursions, workshops and ensure our companies comply with all OH&S practices. 
Why female students?

With in-depth industry knowledge, we know the importance of equipping our young women with the in-demand employability skills and future career success profiles that will be highly sought after in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. 

Rather than wait for students to graduate, we're up-skilling, empowering, and boosting the capability and international career pathway opportunities for students today — so they're equipped, informed, and ahead of the curve tomorrow.  

What's your workshop style?

Our workshops are designed to be interactive, hands-on and builds on teamwork and leadership skills. The workshops are accessible, relatable with real-world contextual frameworks to inspire and empower students. 

Girls of Impact runs a range of skill-based educational workshops and interactive career education programs focussed on individual student empowerment. 

All workshops are delivered by qualified, experienced and passionate facilitators who ensure student trust and safety at all times. Girls of Impact cultivates diversity, encourages independent thinking and self-expression. We create an environment where creativity and bold new ways of thinking are cheered on. 

At Girls of Impact, we know that individual student engagement and learning styles are critical to the transfer and growth of knowledge. 

How much do workshops cost?

Our workshops are typically run during school time and can be delivered as 1-2-hour workshops, half-day challenges, full-day courses, or multi-day programs.

Our pricing varies from program to program. However, they are priced based on total student numbers and workshop duration. Our facilitation team are based in every state across Australia. 

Reach out to our academy team who can provide you with an accurate quote based on your specific needs and budget: hello@girlsofimpact.com or express your interest here.

How do I book a workshop in my school?

Girls of Impact loves to partner with schools to create life-changing education interventions. If you'd like to book, would like more information or if you'd like to talk about whether we're the right fit for your school, please get in touch hello@girlsofimpact.com or express your interest here.

What is your workshop booking policy?

We understand timetables can change. Due to high demand and scheduling, there may be fees for cancellations within 48 hours of a scheduled Girls of Impact workshops:

  • Cancellations within 48 hours incur a 25% fee of the total workshop cost.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the full workshop cost.
  • Cancellation due to low student numbers will incur a fee of 50% of the total workshop cost.

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