Inspiring young women to choose careers they love.

Our greatest passion in life is helping young women flourish in careers they love to build thriving futures.

We unleash the potential of young women by showing them the amazing things they can do and be at any age so they can step into their futures boldly with confidence and clarity ready to take on the world. 

Join the Girls of Impact movement today to help shape the next generation of leaders and change makers in a world where gender equality knows no boundaries.

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Girls of Impact exists to show and inspire young women to a universe of possibilities; where her dreams have no limits — because when she sees it, she can be it.

We know the world is better, stronger and kinder when we breakdown gender stereotypes and young women pursue careers they truly love as equal partners in society.  To create a place where we love what we do, and use our work to create a world and a society we want to be part of.

The future of work is changing rapidly, the team at Girls of Impact will be your career champions, helping you to navigate this overwhelming time, providing you with confidence and clarity.  We want career advice to be inspiring, and motivating, we want to spark your curiosity and excitement.  So, we’re flipping the current career advice model, turning it into an experience that aspires girls to see their careers as empowering. 

Curious to see what a world of gender equality looks like? Learn more about what we do and how you can be involved.

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Founder, Kate Bushell shares what the Girls of Impact movement is all about.

Our Proud Partners

Girls of Impact - Ignite Program

IGNITE Workshop

Ready to change the world?

The Ignite workshop is a unique program for young women between 13-18 years of age.

It empowers girls to explore their purpose, passion and potential and harness this to impact the world. Feel confident and inspired about the future of work and the impactful career they want to lead to make a positive difference.

Young women have the power to change the world, and this program sets them on this pathway and fuels their passion.


Dream Job Coaching

Did you know we spend about a third of our lives at work? So, would you rather jump out of bed every morning as you love what you do or count down the days every week until the weekend?

If you’re feeling stuck, lost and a bit unsure about which career path to take — we can help you find that career clarity! Life is too short to pursue a pathway that you don’t love, so don’t fall into a career ‘trap’ that doesn’t fulfil you!

Suitable for all ages, we’ll coach you towards that dream job — so you can lead an epic and impactful life.

Girls of Impact - Dream Job Coaching
Girls of Impact - Career Girl Kickstarter

Career Girl Kickstarter

Almost everyone, regardless of their generation, has worked a job they disliked. It’s a right of passage into adulthood — but it eats your soul and steals your energy, and we don’t want this for you!

The Career Girl Kickstarter connects young women to their future jobs through visualisation, then fills in the blanks with an exciting insight into the world of work.

The Career Girl Kickstarter only opens a couple of times a year and is in high demand. Suitable for ages 16-21, this interactive and fun day is not to be missed. Students get to meet other inspiring young women who could be friends for life.

Are you a School of Impact?

You play a vital role in tearing down obstacles that keep girls from achieving their full potential. Investing in girls and giving them opportunities is not just the right thing to do— it’s smart for our future.

Girls of Impact offers a range of workshops and programs designed for high schoolers to inspire and empower them in their learning. These programs are customised to fit with every class, school, and set of learning outcomes as we focus on building skills in a fun and engaging way.

Get in touch to see how you can be a School of Impact and contribute towards empowering young women to change the world!

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Are you a Company of Impact?

We love partnering with companies who share our mission of cultivating diversity, equality and unleashing the potential of young women.

As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to engage students and stimulate your future talent pipeline. Gender roles play a major factor in societal views, and this impacts how girls form attitudes about future career pathways. Society still depicts gender bias which is why we’re passionate about the work we do to shatter misconceptions, eliminate bias and gender stereotypes.

Get in touch  to see how you can be a Company of Impact and be part of driving gender diversity and building a better world.

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